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Demorou, mas aconteceu *-* 


090113 Incheon Korean Wave Concert EH, DH, SM, and KH

cr: M3H_OPTY

Jae… cute

Chulla baby… I love you

chittykim | do not edit.


minseok no stop it

#1004TeukDay ~

Hi everyone!

Brazilian, Mother, Baby, ELF, Baby, Cassie, Baby, Exotic, Baby, Changjo, Baby, Beauty, Baby, Inspirit, Baby... ultimately: BAP and kpop lover!

Bang Yongguk, Changmin, Junsu, JaeJoong, KyuHyun & Kris are mine!

Make gif about kpop world is a delightful pastime... that I like very much!

If you follow me, I'll follow you back with pleasure if your blog exclusively about k-pop!

Kisses and... See you around!

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